At the Bush School of Government and Public Service:

Assistant Professor:
BUSH 631: Quantitative Methods I (graduate, Fall 2016/2017)
BUSH 635: Quantitative Methods II (graduate, Spring 2017)
INTA 689: The Economics and Politics of Migration (graduate, Spring 2017)
INTA 689: U.S.-Mexico Relations (graduate, Fall 2017)

At the Harris School of Public Policy:

PPHS 311: Statistics for Public Policy II (graduate, Winter 2016)

At the University of Wisconsin–Madison:

PS 553: Introduction to Statistical Computing in Political Science (graduate, Spring 2014)

Teaching Assistant:
PS 835: Game Theory and Political Analysis (graduate, Spring 2013 and 2014)
PS 812: Introduction to Statistics in Political Science (graduate, Fall 2013)
PS 818: Maximum Likelihood Estimation (graduate, Fall 2013)