Published and forthcoming articles:

From Conquest to Centralization: Domestic Conflict and the Transition to Direct Rule (with Francisco Garfias). To appear in the Journal of Politics. 

Epidemics, Rent Extraction, and the Value of Holding Office (with Francisco Garfias). To appear in The Journal of Political Institutions and Political Economy. (Online appendix)

Locational Fundamentals, Trade, and the Changing Urban Landscape of Mexico (with Jennifer Alix-Garcia) 2020. The Journal of Urban Economics. 116. (Final submitted version)

Emigration and Collective Action 2019. The Journal of Politics. 81 (4): 1210–1222 (Final submitted version)

Labor Scarcity, Land Tenure, and Historical Legacy: Evidence from Mexico (with Jennifer Alix-Garcia). 2018. The Journal of Development Economics. 135: p. 504–516. (Final submitted version)

Invited contributions:

Persistence and Place: History and Geography in Political Economy (with Jennifer Alix-Garcia). 2019. The Political Economist, Newsletter for Section 25: Political Economy of the American Political Science Association, 15 (1), 2019. (Link to newsletter)

Working papers:

When State Building Backfires: Elite Divisions and Collective Action in Rebellion (with Francisco Garfias). Revise and resubmit.

Does Migration Inhibit Reform? Evidence from Mexico

Communities Left Behind: Migration, Wealth, and Public Services in Mexico

Papers in progress (available upon request):

Epidemics, Rent Extraction, and the Value of Office (with Francisco Garfias)

Strategic Decentralization: Local and Regional Devolution as Substitutes (with Joan Ricart-Huguet)

Population Pressure: Migration, Repression, and Redistribution in Land Conflict

Quantifying Embedded Water in Agricultural Goods for Sustainable Water Use in Mexico. (with E Torres Padilla, GR Miller, and JW Nielsen-Gammon)

Immigration, Deportation, and the Drug War in Mexico (with Bethany Lacina)

Social Capital in Mexico: Measurement and Analysis Using the Mexican Family Life Survey