Working Papers:

Emigration and Collective Action To appear in The Journal of Politics

Labor Scarcity, Land Tenure, and Historical Legacy: Evidence from Mexico (with Jennifer Alix-Garcia) To appear in The Journal of Development Economics

Does Migration Inhibit Reform? Evidence from the Mexican Agrarian Movement, 1916 –1945

From Conquest to Centralization: Domestic Conflict and the Transition to Direct Rule (with Francisco Garfias)

Communities Left Behind: Migration, Wealth, and Public Services in Mexico

Locational Fundamentals, Trade, and the Changing Urban Landscape of Mexico (with Jennifer Alix-Garcia)

Other Papers in Progress (available upon request):

When State Building Backfires: Elite Divisions and Collective Action in Rebellion (with Francisco Garfias)

Population Pressure: Migration, Repression, and Redistribution in Land Conflict

Immigration, Deportation, and the Drug War in Mexico (with Bethany Lacina)

Social Capital in Mexico: Measurement and Analysis Using the Mexican Family Life Survey